School to Home


Getting Ready: Picture Shopping List

Make a picture shopping list for your child. Either cut pictures out of the sales paper or make simple drawings of some items you need. You can let your child pick some of the items to put on the list. Together label each picture with words.

Checking Out: Sorting

At the checkout stand, as you are placing the items onto the conveyor belt, you can group items by color. Let your child pick itmes of a certain color to put together. You can also sort shapes, cans, and boxes. Try sorting fruits and vegetables. You can talk about the begining letter/sound of each item you take out the the cart. Switch it up as they progress to keep it interesting. Talk about the conveyor belt and how it works.

Shopping for Shapes:

See if your child can find different shapes around the grocery store. Find things that are round: oranges, cataloupe, grapes etc. Find square boxes, rectangular boxes etc.

Taste Tests:

Encourage your child to try different foods that are available at the various tasting stations. Discuss with your child what they tasted. Use the words sweet, salty, sour and bitter to describe what your child has tried.


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