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1. Dinnertime:

Setting the Table

Help your children make a placemat for each member of the family. Each placemat can be made in a different color so that everyone will know which placemat is theirs.

Share with your kids about how important it is to learn the proper way to set a table.

Share with them that this shows people who eat at our table that we care enough about them to prepare a table that is carefully set.

Share with them how much help they are to you when they take on the responsibility of learning how to set the table and helping to do it as part of the household chores.Make your own placemat link:

2. Recipes: Interacting in the kitchen by involving your child in the process of making a recipe will encourage following directions, math concepts and social interaction as well as creating food for your whole family to enjoy. Try this

recipe for a handprint turkey pumpkin pie.Bon Appetite!

Link for handprint turkey pumpkin pie

3. Conversation:

"When parents are engaged with their preschoolers in conversations, they support or scaffold the conversation through questioning, expansion, and extension. Gradually, as a child takes a more active role in conversations, parents reduce the level of verbal support. Dinner-table conversations are an example of scaffolding"(Otto, 2006). Talk with them about their interests and how they may be similar to the interests of others in your family.

Link for types of conversations to promote oral language:

Things to do AT HOME

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